Development schedule (setting second part)

Developing second part in Bahre vari alley 7, Zinc industrial zone ,Zanjan, Iran.

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Quality and customer orientation

Quality of a product is the thing that the customers want..

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Ceo and board of directors

I have read somewhere : ‘’successful managers are those who use ‘’old’’ and as ‘’new’’ is better...

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Best Production Line & Technology

We use the newest technology in our company to have the best quality.

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Medical purposes

Zinc oxide is used in medical and hygiene in products like; baby powder, skin ointment, sunscreen, anti dandruff, shampoos. Zinc oxide ointment is a treatment for skin lesion, eczema and child burns

Industrial purposes

Zinc oxide is used in producing plastic, ceramic, glass; cement, flat, softeners, wax, colors, glue and battery. Zinc oxide powder has lots of usage.

Cosmetic purposes

Zinc oxide has lots of usage in cosmetic industry. This material can absorb UV and protect skin from burning and damages of UV ray.

About Oxide Sazan Kara Zanjan

Oxide sazan kara zanjan company has more than one decade experience and continuous activity with the aim of producing zinc oxide in zanjan.this company is producing zinc oxide by applying experienced experts and using developed machinery. The company is set second unit in 2015.

Contact us

  • 102, Bahreh vari alley 10, zinc industrial town, Zanjan, Iran.
  • +98 24-32383458
  • +98 24-32383457

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxid
Formul : ZnO
PURITY : %99.7-95
Packaging : 25kg bags ، 500kg Jumbo bags